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Smiling boy in child care subsidy program

Seeking Child Care Subsidy

Connections for Children administers several financial assistance programs that assist families with child care subsidy. Child care assistance is available to assist low-income families with partial or full payment towards child care while parents work, attend school or training programs. Funding for child care subsidy comes from a variety of Federal, State, and local funding programs.

All subsidized programs for child care allow parents to choose the arrangement that best suits the individual needs of the family. Parents are free to choose licensed or legally exempt child care assistance.

Our Program Specialists are available to help understand child care subsidy by working with each family to certify eligibility and make contractual arrangements with the child care provider. Families may also contact our Resource & Referral Department for more information about licensed child care assistance programs and help with choosing appropriate care. Eligible families are served without regard to gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or disability.

Your feedback will help us better serve you. If you are a parent receiving child care subsidy services, please click on the link to complete a brief survey and let us know about your child care referral experience.  Thank you!

Subsidy Enrollment Information & Forms

Child Care Referral Policy

Connections for Children believes that parents are best able to evaluate and select the right child care for their children. We do not recommend any specific provider; we only provide the parent with a list of providers randomly selected from our computerized referral database. Parents are urged to visit any child care facility they may be considering and make their decision carefully.

We serve providers and parents in our area on a non-discriminatory basis, regardless of income, race, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability. All information received is kept confidential. Please also see our Privacy Policy.