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Professional Development Coach

With the goal of improving child care quality, the Professional Development Coach is responsible for specialized technical assistance and support to child care providers, including on-site quality improvement coaching and promotion of professional development access and attainment. The Professional Development Coach builds and maintains relationships with child care professionals, provides mentoring and resources to help providers integrate new information into child care practice, facilitates the development of an individualized professional development plan, and connects providers to professional growth opportunities.

 Minimum - BA in Child Development or related field
 Minimum of 3 years of experience in a child care setting
 Experience and ability to work with adult learners and diverse client populations
 Good problem solving skills
 Familiarity with child care provider population
 Effective written and verbal communication skills
 Knowledge of R&R's and other community resources
 Familiar with various child care assessment tools
 Effective written and verbal communication skills
 Familiarity with higher education requirements
 Valid CA drivers license
 Bilingual preferred

 Primary Responsibilities
 Recruit participants
 Conduct on-site coaching visits
 Build trust with participating providers
 Observe and gather information about child care sites
 Assist providers in developing a quality improvement & professional development plan, setting goals, and selecting strategies
 Model developmentally appropriate curriculum and practice and act as a resource for participants on child development, quality child care, and professional development
 Share feedback and information and help reflect on progress
 Build connections with and maintain resources on local higher education institutions
 Maintain resources on local professional development opportunities
 Maintain records of work activities and track/monitor progress of participants
 Encourage self-reflection and provider portfolio development
 Facilitate networking opportunities

 Additional Responsibilities
 Participate in events as needed to help maintain R&R visibility
 Attend designated community meetings and other meetings as needed 
 Provide child care resource and referral services to parent
 Assist parents in choosing appropriate child care and educates them in finding quality care
 Educates parents about resources available in the community
 Updates provider records on a regular basis
 Perform other duties as assigned.



The Receptionist is responsible for operating the Agency’s switchboard and greeting in-person visitors to the Agency in English and in Spanish. The Receptionist also performs general clerical duties.

Primary Responsibilities

Maintain current and accurate working knowledge of all departmental procedures.

Maintain current and accurate working knowledge of Agency’s mission and general information.

Maintain current and accurate working knowledge of Subsidized Program staff, case management, etc.

Maintain current and accurate working knowledge of R&R Department’s My Child Care Plan and inputting information for callbacks, etc.

Maintain current and accurate working knowledge of Agency’s switchboard system.

Use all of the Agency’s resources (paper/electronic/voice/etc.) to carry out all essential job functions

Receptionist Duties

Open the Agency no later than 8:00am, turn on coffee pot, copiers, and printers, remove Night Service, route-evening messages to the appropriate person, etc. Perform the same duties as part of the closing procedures. Close the office at 5:00pm, and 7:00p.m, on Wednesdays.

Sort and route Agency mail and faxes in a timely manner, as needed.

Perform occasional faxing, filing, and copying for Agency management staff.

Update the general administrative areas as needed.

Ensure reception area, staff break room and copy room are neat and orderly.

Scan Snap, Outlook, Excel, CC3

Additional Responsibilities

Attend all staff and department meetings, trainings, retreats, etc.

Assist department managers in miscellaneous clerical tasks, as needed.

Help distribute supplies

Serve on the Emergency Preparedness Committee

Knowledge and Skill Requirement

High School Diploma or equivalent.

Clear oral communication is essential.

At least one year experience operating a switchboard in a busy front office setting.

General clerical skills including, but not limited to: typing (at least 30wpm); filing (alpha or numeric and/or alpha/numeric); faxing; photocopying.

Computer Skills: Working knowledge of Windows, Word, and Outlook.

Experience working with diverse populations in a culturally sensitive manner.

Proven ability to work independently, maintain confidentiality and discretion.

Must have visual, physical, and technical ability to independently use a computer and a copier; requires occasional stooping, kneeling, crouching; requires regular standing, walking, sitting, talking and hearing.

To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume. 

We are an Equal Opportunity employer