Staff by Department

Resource & Referral Dept.

  • Judy Laureano, Resource and Referral Manager
  • Liliana Alvarez, Child Care Quality Coach
  • Sharon Bowman, Child Care Quality Coach
  • Monica Delia, Child Care Quality Coach
  • Christine Tafoya, Child Care Quality Coach
  • Ashley Forde, Child Care Quality Coach
  • Sharlout Golbari, R&R/Development Associate
  • Sonia Madix, Child Care Quality Coach
  • Julia Morales, Program Specialist
  • Shirley Perez, Resource and Referral Specialist
  • Daniels Polanco, Preventative Health and Safety Trainer

Subsidy Programs

  • Martha Gonzalez, Subsidized Programs Manager and Santa Monica Scholarships
  • Khisa Brown, Supervisor
  • Maggie Mejia, Supervisor
  • Sergio Andres, Program Specialist
  • Araceli Cortez, Program Specialist
  • Connie Gonzalez, Program Specialist
  • Debbie Grant, Provider Specialist
  • Isela Morales, Program Specialist
  • Lisa Paxton, Program Specialist
  • Geoffrey Pincus-Brimble, Program Specialist
  • Shaina Nicholson, Program Specialist
  • Karina Wynn, Intake Specialist
  • Jasmine Flores, Program Specialist


  • Lupe Rodriguez, Payments Specialist
  • Ermelinda Ramos-Ortiz, Payments Specialist
  • Adela Luis, Payments Specialist

Fiscal Department

  • Lidia Sanchez, Accounting Manager
  • Maribel Camargo, Staff Accountant II

Information Technology

  • Juan L. Estrada, Information Technology Coordinator 


  • Tatiana Morris
  • Joana Osorio


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