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Connections for Children offers referrals to licensed child care programs in the Westside and South Bay communities of Los Angeles, including Santa Monica, Culver City, the Beach Cities, Torrance, and Lomita. The map below shows the communities we serve.

To search for child care call Connections For Children and speak with a Resource & Referral Counselor at (310) 452-3325.

All licensed child care providers in our service area have been invited to list their facilities with Connections for Children, however some providers have elected not to participate. Connections For Children continuously updates the information provided here.

Your rights as a parent:  You have the right to get information about any substantiated or inconclusive complaints about a child care provider that you select for your child. That information is public and you can get it by calling the local licensing office. The telephone number for the Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing is  (424) 301-3077.


Choosing child care is one of the most important decisions that parents make!

  • Carefully select a child care program that meets the needs of both your child and family. 
  • Become a skilled consumer of child care. Visit the facility before placing your child in their care.
  • Browse our Parent Resources section to read more on child care choices and to view our Connections For Children Child Care Checklist in order to assist you in evaluating potential child care environments.

NOTE: CALIFORNIA state law requires a licensed child care facility to make accessible to the public a copy of any licensing report facility that documents a facility visit or a substantiated complaint investigation. In addition, a more complete file regarding a child care licensee may be available at an office of the State Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing Division. You have the right to access any public information in these files. To find out if a program has had any complaints or license violations, call the Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing at (424) 301-3077

Disclaimer: Connections for Children is not a child care provider and does not recommend child care providers. The names of child care providers provided to parents in a referral list should be considered referrals only; not recommendations. Connections For Children does not warrant accuracy of provider information, nor can we assure the quality of any child care provider referred in this process.

In addition, this information is available for personal and non-commercial use only. Connections for Children does not permit any replication of this information for commercial or statistical use, unauthorized attempts to do so on this service are strictly prohibited and may be punishable under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986. The above terms apply to each search performed. By clicking the button below, you agree that you have read and accept the above disclaimer for this and all future searches.