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Connections For Children is a non-profit Child Care Resource and Referral agency serving parents, child care providers, and educators.  We are the unrivaled child care experts in the Westside and South Bay communities of Los Angeles County. We guide families and child care professionals towards quality services and programs. 

With 40 years of knowledge and experience, we have increased the quality of child care by influencing public policy, providing referral services for families, and offering professional development to early childhood educators. Connections For Children helps over 3,000 families each year to find quality child care regardless of income.

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  • Whether they’re familial, romantic or platonic, relationships are vital to beneficial and stable lives. So how can we learn to build positive and enriching relationships?

  • "Play is the highest form of research." - Albert Einstein

  • We all know the early learning years have a critical impact on the future learning and life success for our children. That is why choosing a high quality child care facility is one of the most important decisions a working parent can make for their child. We are pleased to offer ten tips for selecting a high quality child care facility. We are pleased to offer ten tips for selecting a high quality child care facility!

  • Allow us to introduce you to Christine Tafoya, Professional Development Coach!

  • When it’s time to start a new healthy habit, it can be pretty difficult. If you’re interested in starting a habit that you can actually stick with, check out these useful tips.