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This Week in California Education: Episode 13, May 27, 2017


In this edition of “This Week in California Education,” Executive Director Louis Freedberg, and Editor-at-Large John Fensterwald will focus on money matters on both a state and federal level. They get input from Learning Policy Institute President Linda Darling-Hammond, New Teacher Center Policy Director Liam Goldrick, and EdSource senior reporter Larry Gordon.

  • Gov. Brown’s revised budget for the coming fiscal year will send $2.8 billion more to schools than last year has a catch — $1 billion of it won’t go to schools until May 2019 (read story).
  • California would lose about $400 million if President Trump’s proposed deep cuts to federal education programs gain traction in Congress, including hundreds of millions in funds for teacher preparation programs (read story).
  • In a surprising piece of good news, Congress restores Pell grants for summer study, which should help more low-income students graduate on time and help reduce college debt (read story) 

Plus Louis and John’s predictions!