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Reading is Fundamental

Kids who read, achieve. This may come across like a broken record, but it is so very true.

Fact: Reading helps strengthen brain function

In a recent pediatric study, as noted in Science Proves Reading To Kids Really Does Change Their Brains by Catherine Pearson, researchers examined the brains of 19 3- to 5-year-olds using MRI while they were listening to audiobooks. Here are the results: “The MRIs revealed that children from more stimulating home reading environments had greater activity in the parts of the brain that help with narrative comprehension and visual imagery. Their brains showed greater activity in those key areas while they listened to stories.”

Fact: Reading helps bring both parent and child together

In a feature by the American Academy of Pediatrics, it has now been requested for pediatricians to educate “parents of young children that reading aloud and talking about pictures and words in age-appropriate books can strengthen language skills, literacy development and parent-child relationships.”

Fact: Reading out loud helps you remember things better

When a child is read to, both the parent and child benefit from the experience. Using The Production Effect, Art Markman, Ph.D., noted in his post on Psychology Today that “the words you speak aloud are now translated into speech and you have knowledge of producing the items as well as a memory of hearing them. All of this information makes your memory for the spoken items more distinct from the rest of the items that were read silently.”

Fact: Some of the brightest minds in history were/are avid readers

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