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KIDS 2016!

After last night's GOP debate, we have officially entered into full-court Presidential countdown to 2016. While the adults argue and discuss their favorite candidates and policies, children are probably thinking "what's all the fuss about?" In the eyes of the children, their parents are the ones in charge, not another man or woman.

Politics are hard to explain to adults, let alone children. But, there are websites and references dedicated to teaching children about the history behind the U.S. Government, including our Presidents.

A really great website is This site provides facts about each president of the U.S., the branches of government, and how laws are made.

Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government is a fun and interactive site dedicated to informing students, parents and educators about the Federal Government. You can't go wrong with having lessons by an interactive Benjamin Franklin!

If you are looking for some books about the U.S. Government, look no further than a site brought to you by the United States Senate: Children's Books and Web Sites about the U.S. Government. Tons of books for every age.

Above all, have fun with it. You never know - you may have the next President in your home!