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Earlier this month, First Lady Michelle Obama broke ground on the sixth annual White House Kitchen Garden.

Planting and tending a garden, or even just a few pots, is a great way for children and adults to learn about where food comes from, while working together on a fun project. Growing vegetables and fruits is also a great way to add fresh flavor to favorite family meals and tasty, healthy snacks. What could be better than eating a berry or carrot or tomato you've nurtured from a seedling and watched ripen over time?

As a partner with Let's Move West LA! we are pleased to share the Let's Move Gardening Guide. It's full of tips for everyone who is ready to get started planting their own garden. The Gardening Guide has all the information you need to get started. Whether you're interested in planting a kitchen garden in your own backyard, a school garden at your child's preschool or child care, or a community garden for all of your neighbors to enjoy, Let's Move! has a checklist with everything you need to get planting:

How to Plant a Kitchen Garden

How to Plant a School Garden

How to Plant a Community Garden